Episode 16: Rambling Road #1

We're The Worst (Sarcasm Implied) LogoWe tried something different this episode! We didn’t have a weekly theme, it was just one long “News” segment where Sowmya talked about her recent trip, I talk about my recent package, and we both talk about other fun topics, like the recent White House Correspondent’s Dinner, the Jet Set Gypsies’ new CD, and more Beauty and the Beast casting news! As usual there are lots of tangents along the way, and we answer a Chat Pack question! We decided to call these themeless episodes “Rambling Roads”, let us know what you think!


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WARNING: There is a spoiler for Downton Abbey from 49:25-49:40!!! Basically if you don’t want to get spoiled, stop listening after Sowmya says Dan Steven’s name.

Check our Facebook later this week for Sowmya’s Oregon pictures, and my Collector Corps pictures!

Here’s the super interesting Chat Pack Question: If you could uninvent any past invention, which one would it be? Consider all the ramifications of eliminating this invention. I’m (Carmen) still sitting here thinking about a good invention I would uninvent for the good of humanity. Maybe Twilight books?

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