Episode 26: Ghosts

We're The Worst (Sarcasm Implied) LogoIn this episode, our main theme is ghosts! Whether we believe in them, if we have personal stories, and a little about ghost hunting shows. At the beginning, we briefly talk about how happy we both are that the Marriage Equality Bill passed! YAY!!! Finally, we end the episode playing a couple of rounds of Marry/Shag/Kill.

Warning: It was SUPER hot this day, and we had an oscillating fan going on in the background. It somehow ends up on the recording, and it sounds like wind. It’s not super loud, I just don’t know how to get it off, and unfortunately, we talk over it so I can’t just edit it out the way I normally edit out our annoying sounds/pauses. I’m really sorry!


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Here’s that clip I was talking about from Ghost Adventures!

Here is the link to the website we used for the Marry/Shag/Kill game, it contains possibly offensive language!

Wanna know how to send us a mailbag question?


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