Episode 3: Music

Episode 3In this latest episode, we talk a little bit about subscription boxes (beauty, makeup and food) and some media news, but our main theme was music! We talk about our favourite genres, artists, songs, and how Carmen isn’t the biggest fans of popular musicals. This one goes a little long guys (approx. 60 minutes!) so just be aware!


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Editor’s Note: I was going to cut out the part where I screw up James Corden’s name @ 21:18-21:33, but I thought it was too cute of us to cut out! Sorry for the giggles (but actually not sorry at all)!

Here are the subscription boxes we mentioned in order: Loot Crate, BirchBox, Ipsy, Plated, GrubBox. Sowmya looked it up later, and Graze is actually what it’s called (but we didn’t mention it in the podcast).

We promised to post the picture of the boy with the stormtrooper prosthetic arm but I decided to post the video instead:

And here’s the story I showed Sowmya: Seven-year-old Boy Receives a 3D-printed Star Wars Clone Trooper Prosthetic Arm

Here’s a link to James Gordon Corden on the Alan Carr show, embedding is disabled so you’ll have to watch it on YouTube.

Lastly! Here is Sowmya’s friend’s band, Jet Set Gypsies, and here is their Facebook (which Sowmya recommends because they’re more active there). Give them a listen and let us know if you love them as much as she does!

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