Episode 41: Halloween-y Episode-y!

We're The Worst (Sarcasm Implied) LogoIn our latest episode, it’s all about Halloween! This is the favourite holiday of most of the people we know, so it makes sense for us to have some of those people appear as special guests on the podcast! Carmen’s “boyfriend” Taylor (aka the homeless beggar from Episode 40) and Carmen’s friend Scott both come on to talk about being in a haunt, going through a haunt, ghosts, and scary movies/tv shows! (The usual tangents also make an appearance, so that’s fun.)


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Here’s the (creepy) picture of Robert the Doll.

Editor’s note: I had to take out a fact that Taylor mentioned because someone was typing through it, but Robert The Doll is the inspiration for the horror movie and icon Chucky (and we all said “ohh, of course he was!”).

And here’s a picture of scruffy!Radcliffe, aka Landon Liboiron of Hemlock Grove.
Scruffy!Radcliffe (aka Landon Liboiron of Hemlock Grove)

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