Episode 5: Animals

Making some changes! We’re going to be releasing at midnight EST (so 9pm PST) and I’m adding some minor episode art because sharing on Facebook has been weird since they’re not giving us the correct preview… I also added the Twitter feed on the sidebar. Anyway! On to the podcast…

Episode 5In this episode, we talk a little about some media news items, like Google Fiber and the new Ghostbusters remake. Our main theme this week is animals; we talk about our favourite animals, what we would be reincarnated as if we are given a choice, and our least favourite animals. We also play Marry/Shag/Kill!


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1:45 – Carmen meant to say broadband but she forgot what it was called!

A lot of stuff to add this week with the post! Here is Kristen Wiig and Will Farrell at Golden Globes that Sowmya mentioned:

Pixellated hair!
Pixellated hair

Scottish Highland Cattle! So fluffy!
Highland Cattle

I was slightly wrong about the French Bulldog Instagram that I follow, it’s actually http://instagram.com/FrenchieButt. Here’s an adorable picture of his cute rump!
FrenchieButt Screenshot
(The embed code wasn’t working so I thought screencapping the Insta would be okay.)

Alright! Let us know what your favourite animals are or what you would want to be reincarnated as! Also if you want to play Marry/Shag/Kill, here is the link that we used at The Bert Show.

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