Episode 9: Television + Bonus Movie Review Episode!

Episode 9In this episode, we again plead for questions for Episode 10, which is going to be a mailbag episode! Then we spent a good half hour talking about about our favourite shows, what we’re watching, and what we’d like to recommend on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Carmen got to talk about her very super favourite show ever (spoiler alert, it’s Stargate Atlantis) and Sowmya told us about the cartoons she loved growing up. We also found out we both recommend an older detective show! Go us!


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For the mailbag episode, please feel free to leave us a question on Facebook, Twitter, or this blog post! You can also email us or use the Contact Us form on our website! Let us know if you want remain anonymous! Questions will be due this Friday, March 13th!

Here is our highly anticipated (sarcasm implied) movie review of Kingsman: The Secret Service. It’s about 21 minutes long and there are super spoilers. You have been warned! This episode is for people who have already seen it, or who don’t care about being spoiled because we go into detail.


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